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The Ultimate Guide to Ikon vs Epic Pass

By Sarah Jayne Bellando

The age old question that skiers are all too familiar with: Epic vs Ikon? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by 21/22 ski passes, just know you’re not alone! Whether you’re a one run and done kind of skier or seasoned shredder wanting to explore your options - let the Halfdays team be your guide


Let’s start with the $$$. The Ikon pass will run you about $1,049 for the 21/22 season, whereas the Epic pass is $783 giving you a savings of about $266. (And with that savings - new ski jacket anyone??) Although we are just covering the 2 standard passes in this article, make sure to checkout some of the other passes offered (i.e. Epic Local or Ikon Base) for more savings!


While the Ikon pass offers 45 breathtaking destinations, the Epic Pass offers almost double that with 79 ski spots, and is especially great for our Colorado Halfdayers, offering access to 7 of Colorado’s most popular ski resorts.


Fortunately, both ski passes understand that sh*t happens - and they both offer coverage in the event something comes up and you are unable to use your pass (i.e. Covid-19, job loss, natural disasters). The Epic pass offers Epic Coverage - this includes coverage for personal, closures, and natural disasters. The Ikon pass offers Adventure Assurance - which covers you in the event of closures and offers the option to elect to defer your unused pass to next year if needed.


Each pass has a few extra perks that come along with it. The Ikon gives you Friends + Family Lift Tickets - 10 Days at 25% off Window Rate and 15% off Retail, Food + Beverage at select locations and destinations. The Epic has discounted Ski with a Friend Rates but blackout dates do apply. The Ikon pass is also now offering a payment plan which makes the $1,049 ticket a little easier on the pockets. Additionally, both passes have no date restrictions, so if you feel the powder calling, it’s there!
So, our final thoughts? With almost double the destinations and 30% less expense, we have to say the Epic Pass has our attention. Really, this choice comes down to where you are hitting the slopes and how often, so make sure to look through the resort options carefully before making your ticket pick. Either way, this season is sure to be a great one, and we can’t wait to see all you Halfdayers at après! 🥂

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