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The Halfdays Guide to Road Trips

By Karelle Golda

Weather is heating up, you’ve made your playlist, and you’re dying to travel - good thing it’s road trip season! The Halfdays team shares our tips for a low budget, stress free adventure.

No. 1 Decide Where You Want To Go

Hotels are reopen and national parks are accepting limited bookings but we’re still being smart about social distancing. While you’re still safest at home, there are a few precautions you can take to safely travel this summer. According to epidemiologists if you do travel, a road trip is the safest because you're not sharing space with someone the way you do on a bus, in a train, in an airport, or on a plane.
@hipcamp sweet relief camping site
This might be the summer you finally book a campsite (or a glamp site), which will give you ample space to social distance. Deciding where to go? Check out hipcamp.com which has spectacular properties in every state.

No. 2 Pack Your Essentials

Our essentials for a road trip are fairly simple: tent, sleeping bags, cooking gear and a cooler (with food and water). There are no real “rules” for the size your tent needs to be, but if you’re just starting out you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible so make sure you consider living space, waterproofness and weight!
Don’t be shy, ask friends a friend to borrow theirs. If you have the space, practice pitching your tent before you leave - it’s never fun to realize you dont know how to assemble once you get to your campsite. For your sleeping bag, unless you’re in cold weather it’s nice to have space to stretch out (no need for a mummy bag).

No. 3 Make a Budget

Even though road tripping is a cost effective way to get outside, everything will start adding up when you’re on the road. Planning driving routes, accommodations and meals ahead of time will help you stay within a budget.
Hipcamp - Sunset Hideaway
Driving is the most totally unavoidable expense but there are lots of apps that help you find the cheapest gas during your trip. Download the app Gasbuddy which will calculate the cost of gas based on your trip route and also help you find the cheapest prices along the way.

No 4. Meal Plan

On first day of any road trip it’s easy to act like a kid in a candy store and fill up on gas station candy and snacks. But to avoid loading up on sugar and salt, it’s helpful to plan snacks and meals ahead of time.
Prep some healthy snacks!
Pack a few healthy snacks like carrots, celery and broccoli (don’t forget paper towel, wipes & garbage bags). If you want to cook at your glampsite or campsite, look at if they offer a kitchenette and if it’s close to a grocery store it will keep your costs to a minimum.

No. 5 Jump in the Car and Go!

It’s time to pack up and go. To start, make sure you’ve downloaded your google map and playlists, because there is nothing worse than losing service right in the middle of the perfect song.
Enjoy, take lots of pictures. Take the side roads! Never say no to the weird detour - spontaneity rules on road trips and make the best stories. Stay safe and don’t forget water!

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