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Black Owned Businesses You Have To Check Out

By Bailey Ness

Businesses, today and every day ❤️⁠ Our list of brilliant Black-owned brands & creatives to support now and forever

No 1. Khiry

Khiry is an Afro-futurist luxury brand that creates fine jewelry, and they seriously have some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve seen.
“Jameel Mohammed founded Khiry to channel the beauty, art, heritage and culture of the African Diaspora into modern, luxurious vermeil jewelry, with the ultimate goal of establishing a complete fashion house.”

No. 2 Evryday Jane

Created by the inimitable Rakia Reynolds, a successful entrepreneur who founded Skai Blue Media Agency, everydayjane is made for a women who wants to stand up and stand out.
The collection, which is sold on HSN, has beautiful vibrant prints and modern cuts - with sculptural silhouettes that feel modern and flattering.

No 3. Calida Garcia Rawles

Calida Rawles paints African-American women and men submerged in glistening water. Her work celebrates African American culture and recognizes historical and current acts of racially targeted violence.
Recently featured in The New York Times Style Magazine story, "Nine Artists and Cultural Leaders on Seeing and Being Seen” her powerful paintings are available to shop on https://www.calidagarciarawles.com

No. 4 Fe Noel

Fe Noel’s designs display vibrant colors and bold prints that are inspired from her Caribbean heritage. We’re seriously obsessed with some of these pieces for summer.
Not only is Fe Noel a talented fashion designer, she also founded the Fe Noel Foundation to help young women who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

No. 5 Q. Gibson

Q. Gibson is an author who empowers and inspires women through her work. You can purchase her work at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.


“With a knack for vulnerability, her writing is less about seeking form and more about channeling the essence of humanity and the healing power of words.”

No. 6 Golde

Golde was founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford. Her mission is to create products that make you feel good and be your best self.
At Golde, you can purchase natural superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty.

No 7. Brother Vellies

Aurora James founded Brother Vellies with the goal of keeping traditional African design techniques and practices alive while creating and sustaining artisanal jobs.
From shoes, handbags, belts, and more - Brother Vellies creates luxury accessories that celebrates cultural histories and timeless design.

No 8. KSM Candle Co

Letta Moore opened a candle-making studio in Baltimore, with a vision of allowing people to come together and share their passion for creating.
Check out her site for soy candles, fragrances, and even a kit to make your own at home!

No 9. Willow St. Design Co

Willow St. Design Co creates custom scents that will capture a big day and ignite memories. From candles, mists, and steamers - their mission is to take customers on an aromatic journey with each scent pairing.
Check them out in Washington, D.C. if you’re local, or through their website!

No. 10 Jungalow

Justina Blakeney started Jungalow in 2009 as a design blog that blossomed into a lifestyle brand.
Jungalow offers collections designed out of their Los Angeles studio as well as a curated ensemble of creative, colorful, modern goods from around the globe.

No 11. Rayo and Honey

Rayo and Honey creates goods with positive intent. Inspired by the affirmations that the founder’s mother had hung up throughout her childhood home, the goods combine pop-culture, literature, affirming phrases and a clean design aesthetic.
Every beautiful piece is handcrafted by Roachele Negron in Brooklyn.

No. 12 Flex Factory

Flex Factory is a lifestyle, home decor, beauty, and fashion website with products designed and manufactured in Australia.
Flex Factory is a lifestyle, home decor, beauty, and fashion website with products designed and manufactured in Australia. Lillian Ahenkan (you may know her as @FlexMami on insta), is an African-Austrailian media personality and author, created the company. “Lillian works along side Co-Founder Grace Taotua to develop and produce purpose driven merchandise for the every day critical thinking menace, who likes fun stuff, smart stuff and dumb stuff.”

No 13. Linoto

Jason Evege founded Linoto with the purpose of making linen sheets more affordable while maintaining quality. Linoto now creates real linen sheets, napkins, tablecloths, curtains, and spa towels.
Their products are unique to others because of bold color offerings, exceptional workmanship, and the fact that all of the products are made in New York.

No. 14 Gilded Body

Created by a Dermatology PA, Gilded Body focuses on the ingredients of their products so that the skin’s softest glow is unveiled. Their belief is that every body deserves nothing but the very best.
“Gilded offers body skincare that's as beautiful to the touch as to the eye. We believe that every body deserves the very best.”

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