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How Incorporating Yoga Can Help You Prep For The Best Ski Season, Ever.

By Kelly Mcintosh

f you’ve been living in, I don’t know, Earth for the past decade, you’d know that there’s a yoga pose for almost anything. Heartburn? Cat-Cow can help. Knee pain? Try the Bridge Pose. College Loans? Simply Downward-Facing Dog them away. But, even with the vast capabilities of yoga, I’d somehow never gave thought to the benefits of it reaching into the sports arena. That brings us to the subject at hand: skiing and yoga.


Who would have thought that two seemingly different entities would be such a match made in winter sports heaven? Sure, yoga works great to help calm and stretch your body, while centering your mind, skiing, on the other hand, feels very intensive and strict -- or maybe that’s just the way I do it. In any case, we all know the seemingly endless benefits to a regular yoga routine, so should it really be a surprise that it might bring us just what the doctor ordered? Balance.

Every year the most common injuries while skiing or snowboarding are ligament tears. Obviously, more serious injuries can happen, but the most controllable injury comes simply from a lack of stretching your body and strengthening your legs and core before going out in the snow. So, below I’ve compiled a few simple poses to get you off the yoga mat and headed towards the perfect ski season ever.

Child Pose

The Child Pose is great because it lengthens and extends your spine while also giving your ankles, hips, and thighs a soft stretch. This makes it an easy go-to pose in-between stretches, because of its low impact movement.

The Cobra Pose

Helping to stretch the spine, the cobra pose is essential for strengthening the chest, abdomen, and shoulders. Giving your upper body better control.

The Tree Pose

Arguably the most important pose for skiing, the Tree Pose is great for balance and stability in your legs. It also helps strengthen your pelvis and the ligaments in your feet.
Tree pose helps with balance

The Mountain Pose

Great for posture, balance, and strengthening your legs. This is another great pose to focus on and can alternate into a chair pose, which is great for the hips and calves.
These are just a few of the basic yoga poses to get you started with strengthening and stretching your body. Whichever you choose, lengthening and balance should always be the focus. In the end, a little mental clarity, core strengthening, and leg stretching will always be useful, on and off the snow. So, ultimately, adding the skiing would be the icing on the cake.

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