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Halfdays Guide: The Best Mitten Recommendations According to Our Slack Channel

By Emily Crofton

As skiers, we all know how overwhelming it can feel attempting to pick the right gear amidst the seemingly endless amount of options. From which pair of boots will be the most comfortable to what brand of outerwear will be the warmest, there are a number of important choices that can make or break your ski season. Whether you’ve been skiing your whole life or you’re brand new to the sport, it can be difficult to choose between the overwhelming number of options. With online retailers and local ski shops, you can spend days sifting through gear, hoping you’re investing in quality products that will fit your needs.
Particularly when it comes to skis, there are so many different sizes, widths, lengths, graphics, and models to choose between. You’ll want to base your ski choice on the type of terrain and conditions you’re likely to ski. For example, if you ski deep powder on West Coast terrain, you will want to choose a wider ski. If you ski tight trees on the East Coast, you will want to choose a narrower, shorter ski. Regardless of what you decide on, be sure to pick a size that coincides with your height/weight and ability level. As always, if you are unsure, visit your local ski shop to learn how to choose the best fit.
It’s no secret that shopping for ski gear can be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging. But don’t worry, your community members are here to help! To gain knowledge from fellow skiers, we asked a few of our slack channel community for their most recommended pair of skis. Check out this list of popular skis based on their personal experience.

1. Hestra Mittens

The First and most recommended mittens on our list are the Hestra mittens. A favorite among many, Hestra is a Swedish manufacturer infamous for designing top of the line products for skiing and snowboarding. Made with impregnated cowhide for ultimate waterproof construction, your hands will be dry throughout all types of weather. Synthetic Fiberfill insulation goes above and beyond to provide unbeatable warmth with a soft, Bemberg polyester lining to wick away moisture. For a warm, long-lasting leather mitten, look no further than the Hestra mittens. 

2. HOWL Mittens

If you’re someone who is always complaining about cold hands, the HOWL mittens will be your new best friend. Halfdays slack channel member Allison O’Hanlon says, “I’m obsessed with HOWL mittens, especially the down ones!” With such a strong sentiment, we had to include them on our list. Considered one of the warmest options on the market, these mittens are insulated with a down fill and provide Permaloft insulation. Taking it one step further, the micro fleece lining ensures maximum warmth and comfort on those freezing cold days. With an insulated polyester outer shell and 10k/10k waterproofing material, the HOWL mittens will keep your hands warm and dry to the last chair. 

3. Dakine Sequoia Mitten

The third highly recommended mitten on our list is the Dakine Sequoia mitten. Liv J. Stromme chimed in on our slack channel saying she absolutely swears by these mittens, and we believe her! Designed for a broad temperature range, the Sequoia mitten is constructed with a dynamic combination of gore-tex material and leather palms. Any product that features gore-tex is sure to protect your skin from any wetness that ultimately leaves you feeling cold. In tandem with Hi Loft insulation, polyester, and leather, these mittens provide breathability, protection from the elements, and warmth. Not to mention rubbertec palms for ultra grip, as well as a touchscreen capability so there’s no need to take your hands out of your mittens to use your phone. If you’re looking for a mitten for all types of weather, the Dakine Sequoia Mittens are an excellent choice. 

4. Burton Goretex

For a trusty, technical gore-tex glove, Maya highly recommends the women’s gore-tex glove by Burton. Between the Thermacore insulation and DRYRIDE two-layer fabric, your bases are covered as far as warmth, breathability and dryness go. One of the more notable features of these gloves is the removable liner that provides two-in-one versatility. Rather than investing in multiple gloves for various types of weather, you have the option of swapping the liner in and out depending on the temperature. We love a product that is highly versatile, and these gloves are just that. Wear just the liners on a spring day or take advantage of both, plus the additional heater/vent pocket on colder days. It should come as no surprise that Burton has designed yet another quality product, as they maintain a reputable status.

5. Black Diamond Mercury Mittens

The last product on our most recommended mitten list is the Black Diamond Mercury Mitten. Suggested by Erin, the Mercury Mittens are fully waterproof and are constructed with Primaloft insulation and a lightweight, abrasion-resistant Pertex shield shell. This specific design not only guarantees warmth and protection but also ensures durability for seasons of hard use and tough love. Adding to its versatility, the split-finger, removable liner features a high-loft fleece material for maximum comfort and moisture protection. Geared towards colder temperatures, the Black Diamond Mercury mittens will prevent any skier from calling it quits due to cold hands. 

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