You’ll find tranquility out in the open water, and you’ll end off the season with Michelle Obama arms. Bonuses, on top of bonuses! So grab some friends or go solo, and hit up a local river. If you have no idea where to start, there’s plenty of local kayaking groups on Facebook to get you started on new routes, and you can meet some new people in the process!

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

When it comes to kayaking the great thing is you can stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to (shoutout to TLC). Pick a small pond or lake that’s close by and calm, you don’t want any big waves coming your way that you’re not yet ready for. You don’t need much, just a kayak, paddle and life jacket.


You can rent these out at local parks, or get it online for a reasonable price! If you’re planning on going on lots of kayaking trips then it might be worthwhile to make the purchase. Kayaks are fairly easy to strap on top of the car and go. Now while those are the basics, there’s a few (or a lot) of considerations to keep in mind.

Comfort is Key

Before you call up your friend asking what to wear for the kayaking trip, we’ve got some ideas for you. What you wear while kayaking will influence how your trip goes, which is true for most things in life... like wearing tight pants to a buffet? That’s a no go. Wear a short sleeve if it’s warm out, but bring a long sleeve just in case. The weather is constantly changing and you want to be prepared for whatever it throws at you. As for bottoms, well the same goes for those buffet pants/shorts, you’ll want them to be stretchy and comfortable.

Now let’s talk about footwear! Sandals are okay as long as they’re closed toe, but water shoes are really the best thing to wear. There are some pretty cute options out there, like this one from Nike. Flexibility, grip and comfort your feet will love you for. And to top things off (literally) you can finally have some fun with that wide brimmed hat you always wanted to try. These hats are great for blocking out the sun from your eyes, and bringing some shade into your life. Don’t be afraid to go super wide and turn on full on adventure mode.

On The Water

First, you’ll have to master the art of getting into the kayak. Follow these simple steps: 1. Lower your kayak onto the water keeping it parallel. 2. Place your paddle on the kayak within easy reach 3. Go in feet first and lean towards the front of the kayak and then lower yourself into the seat


Once you make it in, you have to make it out onto the water. Go forth and follow the wind with some simple paddle techniques and reminders. In general, the concave side of the paddle should always be facing you. And remember to sit up straight so that way you activate power from your core. Your arms shouldn’t be doing all of the work.

And Now We Kayak!

If you’re planning on packing some snacks during your kayaking expenditure you’re in luck because kayaks actually have a lot of storage. You can store food, and drinks in a bag and load it into the bottom of your kayak. Bring out the rose and sandwiches!


Make sure you wear lots of reflective equipment, because the sun is going to be beating down on you hard. Sunscreen and bandanas are your new best friends. If you’re kayaking for a long time, bring a little cushion or dry sack with you to put under your legs, so they don’t fall asleep or get cramped up. Cushions and sports together?! Who knew. And there you have it! It may take a little bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of kayaking you’ve got some solid days of fun ahead of you. So make it out onto the water when you get the chance to, soak up some rays, and remember to have fun while doing it.