Product Care

Always check the care instructions on the inside of your Halfdays garment for specific information on how to properly take care of your gear. We’ve found that these tips can help extend the life of your garment and reduce environmental impact.

We recommend using a detergent that is made for technical outerwear as it can help your products last. Other detergents can leave residues that will affect the performance of the gear over time. If you are using a non gear specific detergent, it is advised to use a second rinse cycle to help remove any residual soap that may be left on the garment.

Our recommended gear specific detergent is Nikwax® for all of your cleaning and rewaterproofing needs.

We do not recommend using fabric softeners or dryer sheets due to the waxy agents they leave behind. This residue can impair moisture wicking, quick dry, and odor repellent fabrics as well as inhibit the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating on your outerwear from performing its job of keeping you dry!

We do not recommend dry cleaning your gear as it can affect the performance of the product. More importantly, the EPA estimates that 85% of the dry cleaners in America use perchloroethylene, or “perc,” to clean garments and textile products. This chemical solvent has significant human and environmental risks. We care about clean clothes but we care more about the environment.

Becuse of the construction of these jackets, we recommend spot cleaning only as they can retain water in the wash which can damage the garment. If you need help with a pesky stain, we advise you to send your jacket to our trusted gear washing partner for help!

Wash on delicate with like colors and fabrics. Hang to dry.